Free Ticket To Anywhere

After browsing around for blog post ideas, as I am fairly limited when my brain is half asleep, this is what I found that inspired me. A list of 105 blogging prompts to help those who just can't come up with anything they think their readers will enjoy. I shall post a link to the original article afterwards.
One of the topics is as follows: If someone gave you a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go? .. and I would very much like to answer this question.

Despite the fact that most people would choose somewhere exotic for a nice relaxing holiday, I would not. In fact, if ever I was away from my husband to be, I'd take that ticket and make my way to him on the next available flight. It would not take me very long to decide that would be my choice, and as we are not together at present, that is my choice right now. With a free plane ticket to absolutely anywhere in the world, the only place I genuinely want to be is with him. For, at the moment, our being apart is taking its toll after three or four years, so it's about time that changed. As with most things in life however, money is complex and trying to save up enough of it for an actual flight is just as complex. However, until I have enough in the bank to pay for a flight out to him, this will continue to be my only goal and aim, if anyone were willing enough to help me out prior of course. It would be greatly appreciated, but asking such a thing is by no means right.
How about you, dear readers. Where would you trot off to with a free plane ticket?


One Is Bound To Land Somewhere

"When one jumps over the edge, one is bound to land somewhere."
Another blog post inspired by 105 Blog Prompts and hopefully this in depth description of my thoughts on the above quote ties in with yours.
To begin, it is an incredibly inspiring sentence, given it is only a few words in length and yet is able to outline such a strong platform, it makes those of us who have our doubts about accomplishing certain things, feel as though we are capable and have the power to achieve our goals. This is how I feel about it at least, but I would like to know how my readers feel about it. Whilst it inspires some, it may not inspire others, and there is always a reason why.
Does it inspire you? How does it make you feel? What do you think you could strive for after reading such a quote as this?

Favourite Literary Character

My favourite literary character? It is impossible to choose just one out of so many brilliant creations. Each character I adore has their very own ways, styles and whatnot. It would be daft to pick just one of them to stand above the others, and because of this I have decided on three. One for each period of time more or less, though I could be completely wrong.
I do not think a list of my favourite literary characters would ever feel complete if it did not include Heathcliff. There is so much to like about this particular character that it's difficult to point out everything, but I shall narrow it down. His ongoing and evergrowing love for Catherine is just one point. The way in which he strives all of the time to win her heart back once he loses it to another man whom she only thinks she has fallen for. It was nothing but a poor fancy, according to Heathcliff. He is a character that most will show hatred toward eventually, about midway through the book, but soon realise he is a very loving, caring and misunderstood human being who deserves the love he longs for.
As with my thoughts on the above character, no list would be complete without the great Lestat. He is just a vampire you can't help but love, no matter his evil ways. It just so happens that he was not always the vicious fiend he is portrayed to be throughout further books. If one would read the beginning of it all, from the first moment it happened, they could understand him a little more. After reading The Vampire Lestat, before following his journey in other books, you are shown the kind of man he once was and how loving and caring he was still, even after he had been born into a new life through no choice of his own. Lestat, is also misunderstood.
People should know who this character is without having to read his surname, but if you still haven't a clue, think Hogwarts. That clue alone should help determine who this man is. With this character, it is a love for his mischievous ways, as much as it is a love for his adoration and commitment toward his godson. After his release since being blamed for a crime he did not commit, he develops a bond with the boy who lost his parents many years ago, and is now the only family he has left. Sirius is there as much as he can be for him, but fate turns the tables on them both, with Sirius losing his life and his godson, and his godson losing the only family he has left.
I want to know who your favourite literary characters are. If they have been in movies, that is acceptable, so long as they were in books prior to their success elsewhere. So, do you have one favourite, or many, and who are they?

Favourite Movie Villains

Because the Headless Horseman is not actually included on this list, I have given him special mention in the form of a picture instead. This list is scattered; not in any kind of order and possibly lacking a few more of my favourites, but these are the basics and all I can think of at present.
The Joker 
Ledger's version of this villain of course. Whilst I am a huge Nicholson fan, I did not feel that his performance as the joker was as good as it could have been. Heath gave the character a whole new meaning and it surprised me. I would never have believed he could have pulled it off as well as he did, but he didn't half manage.
I think a good telling off would be given to anyone who did not mention Lord Voldemort, no matter who else is on their list. Voldemort was optional for mine however because he is not really as good as he could be. Perhaps that is the fault of the Potter world director, as his character in Rowling's books is up to par. I was shocked to find out his character in the movies did not live up to his character in the books, but I will never blame Ralph Fiennes.
Annie Wilkes 
This is a character that should always get top marks for being uniquely disturbed in more ways than one. She kidnaps her favourite novelist and is sure to break his ankles to prevent him escaping her clutches, whilst she forces him to write a new chapter to his book just for her. In the movie, she snaps whenever he writes something that she does not approve of and goes absolutely mental. It is unique; and whilst the kidnapping idea is not, her inner demons give her a strong enough likability.
Patrick Bateman 
Bateman is a classic because he is so messed up you would not believe it. It seems as though, throughout the entire movie, he has no real reason whatsoever to commit such horrific murders, but the enjoyment he receives from actually allowing his moods to take control are hilarious. Whilst it should not be a comedy in any way, shape or form given its content, it's almost impossible not to giggle at how intense those moments are. He simply boils up a load of anger through the smallest of things, and kills people if they displease him in any way.
One of my favourite bad guys, and not just because Gary Oldman portrays him. No, this corrupt cop is so hyped on drugs that he doesn't know the difference between right or wrong anymore. His sanity left him a long time ago and his only muse is Beethoven. He likes to describe Beethoven's music as the kind of thing that warms him up before he barges in on people who owe him a ton of money, but refuse to own up to it. A personal favourite quote of mine; 'I haven't got time for this Mickey Mouse bullshit!', is one that defines his character perfectly.
A great deal of people would probably include this clown, because they are afraid of clowns in general, though this one in particular is severely messed up. He has razor sharp teeth and an upward pointing do of bright red hair. At first, he seems almost friendly, but for those who have a keen eye and ear, he is far from it. The game is given away all too soon when he pulls a young boy down a gutter and eats him alive. Me however, I am not scared of clowns, so this one doesn't actually frighten me much. The only thing that frightens me about this clown is Tim Curry; now he IS scary.
Nurse Ratched 
There is nothing at all to like about this damn woman. She is irritating from the first time we are introduced to her. The way in which she treats her patients is ridiculous; she cares nothing for them and is non the wiser when one of them shows clear signs of depression. Because of her lack of understanding and inability to notice these signs, said patient kills himself and she then considers it a problem she could not have prevented. She certainly could have prevented it by not encouraging the poor patient to feel guilty over sleeping with someone. Having quite a bond with his mother and being threatened by this nurse did not end well for him.
I adore this character, very much so. I chose predator over alien and would everytime because alien does not have all that much to offer really. Unless of course, I were to base my decision off a deleted scene I found for one of the alien movies a few years ago, then I might pick alien instead. It was a very creepy clip in which an alien was kneeling down watching a member of crew fixing up her hair. What bothered me most about that clip was the way in which the alien approached her; crawling forward whilst his hands were on the floor beneath him and his feet outstretched in front of him. It was the image of that alone I believe. But, in all seriousness, predator gets my vote.
Another character from Batman because this one deserves it too. I was reluctant to go and see the new batman movie, but was persuaded by how good a trailer it had. It's more likely that I'll go see a movie if a trailer shines. I'll seldom bother otherwise. Bane has been chosen because his villain is of a different kind; he is not your usual villain at all. Though, he is not exactly the real villain (the mastermind behind the destruction of Gotham), which is what makes it more exciting.
Most will know who V is, and if you don't, shame on you. He is last on this list so your focus will be on him for a moment longer. I wanted him here for attention because I do not consider him a villain by any means, but in the world of entertainment, he is just that. The reason why I do not consider him a villain is because everything that he did and everything that he stood for, I agreed with. Had he been an actual member of society, I would have stood alongside him and followed his dreams because he was right in absolutely everything he ever said or did.

In The Moonlight Cast

I do have a cover for this novella, but the characters are important for this post. This is what I imagine them both to look like, and this is what I would have to keep in mind when choosing an actor and actress to portray them to a standard I think they could manage.
After stumbling across a post asking readers who they would like as the final cast if their book was ever turned into a movie, it got me thinking. Of course, my favourite actress to date is Liv Tyler and it has been her for a while, so there was no doubt at all about her portraying my character Catherine Hunt. Then I thought long and hard about who would pull off the character of Sebastian Wood quite well, and my mind landed on Christian Bale.
I took into account everything about my characters first and foremost, and believe I have chosen correctly. It would be nice to see my book turned into a movie, and with that being said, I'd better get a move on and start writing it.
Have you ever thought about who might play the characters in your stories?

Writing Wishes

Alright, so the question is as follows: A genie grants you three writing related wishes, what are they and why?
Endless Ideas 
Of course, I can not think of a single writer who would not wish for this. It would save them a whole load of trouble spending countless hours of not writing; instead trying desperately to come up with something interesting enough to write about. It is inevitable that a writer should choose this as their first wish. At least, it would be my first wish that was writing related.
Thesaurus Hunting 
I am not sure what other writers do about this one, but I am aware that I'm not the only one out there who have a gander inside a thesaurus every now and then in the hopes of finding a better word. After spending the last week or two reading Stephen Kings: On Writing however, I have come to understand that trying to find a word that sounds better is a very bad idea. Still, sometimes it is necessary, especially if you have used the word quite a bit already throughout your writing.
Block Banishment 
This probably ties in with Endless Ideas, but there is more than one problem when it comes to writers block and that includes getting halfway through a story and not knowing how to keep going. This, to me, is different in its own way and should be something we can avoid. I would wish to have this problem completely banished. No matter how involved I get in any story I am writing, somewhere down the line, the idea fairy will fly off and leave me wondering how I'm doing to continue.
Alright, now that I have listed my three wishes, it's your turn. Which three things would you wish for that would be vital to sustain your love of writing?

Writers Who Inspire Me

Because I could not decide on one of the following writers to set as an image for this post; I chose an idea bulb.

Alright, so this is a little difficult for most, but I have known who my favourite writers are for quite some time now and it has not changed. I have read more books since I decided, but still, my views remain the same.

First up is Anne Rice, for a very good reason. The Vampire Chronicles are to-die-for books and anyone who is a fan of immortals should read them. Anne is a one of a kind writer who has her own methods and style, making her incredibly unique and even more fascinating. Her vampire novels inspired me a long time ago to get back into writing, after I found The Vampire Lestat hidden at the back of my cupboard among all my other books.

Stephen King is next, but by no means least. He and Anne are the only writers who inspire me enough to create my own worlds. Though, King has a passion for vulgar stories, whereas Anne writes about such things in a more charming kind of way. I like both styles to be fair and King is capable of making his readers squirm in their seats. What I like most about King however is his book titled On Writer and I encourage anyone who wishes to develop their writing skills further to go out and buy this book. In no way am I trying to profit from this because I'm not even directing you to anything; I just believe he tells it as it is and leaves nothing to the imagination. He is fairly brutal in his explanations and that makes it all the more interesting to read.

Who are your favourite writers and why?

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